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NOT, as you might reasonably expect, artwork by me. Instead, this is artwork OF me, done by artists whom I have shamelessly tricked into wasting their time portraying my visage.


It gives me extreme heartburn to be portrayed in the presence of a bust of one of the true American musical heroes, the immortal Spike Jones—and to have that image created by one of the giants of the underground comix world, Manuel "Spain" Rodriguez. The original drawing has faded since its creation in 1979, so I'm happy to have captured it in a digital format in which it looks as good as it ever did!


2 for the price of 1! In this handsome drawing (which appeared, believe it or not, in a major midwestern daily newspaper), I share the spotlight with a well-known singer. I don't remember much before last Monday, but I'm told that this portrays an onstage moment in which we both were vocally involved. This was probably not a musical highlight, but the fact that I was a former resident of Indianapolis apparently made it newsworthy (Local Boy Makes Fair!) and thus the paper's talented cartoonist, Ron Swartz, was assigned to depict it. Retribution was sure, if not swift. The Indianapolis News did not survive into the 21st Century, stopping the presses only 17 years later, in October of 1999. We were unable to track down Mr. Swartz, but we hope he's still drawing and that his subjects are more flatterable than these.


This amazing work was done by the legendary Shary Flenniken, whose resume reads like a history of American Humor. Obviously, I am unworthy to be portrayed by someone of her stature, but what the hell? I happened to catch her on a nice day at a comics convention and she was clever enough to depict a scene which heretofore has only taken place in my imagination.

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