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Tim Hensley, more to tell 

The other day I posted the news that our son Tim’s new book is finally about to emerge after three years. That was delightful to hear, but now comes additional word the Fantagraphics is also reissuing Tim’s previous book, Sir…

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Big News From Hensley Farms


Press Release
From Fantagraphics:

Detention #2 

On sale date: January 1, 1900 

Brilliant cartoonist Tim Hensley (Wally Gropius) returns with his first new comic book since the acclaimed “Sir Alfred No. 3” in 2015! This is a gorgeous…

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The Hottest Day Ever Redux

Today, I heard, was the hottest day in England…ever. That happens every so often, and it happened to us in 2005. 

When we had arrived in Ipswich for our May 28 show, and we told the local folks that we’d…

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Whose Day Is It Today?

Sometimes I look online to see what's special about the day. I don't always do this, of course, and that's how I missed National Ice Cream Day recently. But I did check today, and learned that today is Mandela Day…

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Seals and Crofts and me 

In the early 70s, I did a little touring with Seals and Crofts, who were hot at the time. We were working their hits—I  remember Summer Breeze and We May Never Pass This Way Again. I also remember that my…

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Mr. TC Remembered

On Memorial Day, I’d like to take a moment to remember a friend of the Diamondville community who is less-known to those outside our circle. Tom Collins, who operated our tour concessions for many years, left us in 2019, after…

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Our Daily Miracle

On our tour, each show day began with breakfast in Hosty and concluded with Bus Call, when we were delivered to the Venue, where we moved into our quarters and waited for the words which would officially begin our workday…

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Many Joan Rivers to Cross

I’ve mentioned the era when I had the house trio at the Embers nightclub in Indianapolis. The traditional booking there was a singer and a comic. When my services weren’t required—when the singer brought in backing musicians, for example, I…

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My First Touring Gig

In the summer of 1963 I hit the road for the first time, playing state fairs around the midwest as the pianist with the Warran Covington Orchestra. Warren had bought the Tommy name and library, and the shows, which were…

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A Day for Jockeying Disks

Today is National Disk Jockey Day, for no good reason. Many of my friends are revealing their shameful pasts behind the microphone, and I am no exception. 

When I was entering high school, the Bloomington radio station WTTS was the…

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Who Gets What When, and Why?

Interview me? 

I did my first interview back In the last century, in 1967, for the late, lamented Village Voice. That was a pretty hip publication back those days, and I thought it was cool that they wanted to…

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September Song

I'm doing some updating to this site, so I'll apologize if anything wrong happens. I'm working on it now, so stuff might slip through unedited. But I'll get it right eventually. A lot is changing.

Meanwhile, I'd like to tell…

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