But still at work

Jazz/Not Jazz

When I lived in Indiana, way back in the last century, my friend (and NEA Jazz Master) Jamey Aebersold would occasionally invite me down to Louisville to accompany some visiting jazz dignitaries. Pictured here is a flyer for such an…

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Where credit is Due

My college degree is in the field of radio and television. That’s what they called it then. It’s now the Media School, but it still authorizes me to operate the remote control whenever necessary. 

At the beginning of my…

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A Short Story, all true

In the early 70s I was playing at the Troubador with Helen Reddy. Between sets I was hiking up the stairs to the dressing room when someone grabbed me from behind. It was Kris Kristofferson, and he gave me a…

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Cycle of Fourths

Ater the holiday I'm remembering a lot of Fourths of July from my checkered past. Here are a few. May the Fourths Be Witchoo

1957 or so—I played at the Bloomington (Indiana) Country Club. It was an unpleasant evening…

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