The Celebrated Hensleys

Today, September 29 happens to be my birthday. The way I remember that is that the same date is also our wedding anniversary. Let me tell you about that.

58 years ago today, I married, I got hitched to, I…

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I Am Not Woman, but let me tell ya...

The photo at left was taken at someone's office somewhere in Amsterdam, sometime back in the last century. But what I do know is that it's Helen Reddy,, Sarah and myself. looking out the window at something.

There’s an app…

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Laborious Day

Since today is Labor Day, I note that some here have shared stories about their first job. So this is the story of my first job in Los Angeles. 

I had been doing what I could to meet musicians, sitting…

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Wake Up Post

Thanks to Facebook, it was pointed out to me, very early this morning, that today is the birthday of singer Maureen McGovern. This news actually woke me up, because it made me remember a day 40 years ago, and the…

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Ringo's and Wendell's Birthdays

Today is the day that our cousin Wendell turns 10 and Ringo Starr turns 80. We figured Ringo already has plenty of drums, so we thought of buying a drum set for Wendell, but we didn't know what size to…

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Cigarmania II

In my other blog, the Diamondville Chronicles, I recently told the story of our band’s pre-turn of the century love affair with cigars. 

But this is my other blog, the one in which I spill the beans on non-tour-related events…

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Another tragic loss for the world: The absolutely supreme Russian composer and pianist Nikolai Kapustin passed away on July 2. You probably aren't familiar with him, but if you enjoy hanging around the intersection of jazz and classical music, you…

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Fight On, Fight Off 

We attended our cousin’s high school graduation in Texas the other night—virtually, of course. It was quite a sight as her class of 623, all masked and socially distant, paraded through a football stadium and were issued their diplomas in…

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Happy Ralph's Day

My father was the kind of fellow who would drive around Bloomington, Indiana on a hot summer day with his windows rolled up, so that people would think his car was air conditioned. 

My father loved playing poker and drinking…

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Still Best in Show

We were wrapping up our regular Saturday morning breakfast Zoom meeting (“Marie Callendar’s in Exile”) today when the news about Fred Willard’s passing came through. 

I’ve had complaints about the number of dead people who’ve appeared in my blogs lately…

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I'm Still Rooting for Them

In the mid 1960s, my wife and I started a store in Brown County, Indiana. It was called the One of a Kind Shop, and our business plan was to buy cheap junk in second-hand stores, tote it home…

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Cocktails for Too Many

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday. I made frozen margaritas with mango and pineapple, Sarah made California nachos, and we listened to Linda Ronstadt’s albums, Canciones de mi Padre and Mas Canciones, playing on the Sonos. 

We decided to…

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