In the Video Barn

Some turkeys for Thanksgiving

There's a lot to be thankful for now, although sometimes it isn't evident. Today, I'm thankful for the years I spent in Indiana. They were the good years, when Wes Montgomery was playing most nights at the Missile Room on Indiana Avenue. The years when I had the chance to play alongside David Baker, Jamey Aebersold, Al Cobine, and an entire traincar full of great musicians and great people. 

Video action!

songs from this album

1. Taking America to America

2. Dear PBI

Taking America to America

The title song from the album of the same name. It survives my vocal and takes you to places we've been.

Dear PBI

One of the cuts on the "Taking America to America" is a song based on my fantasy of a letter which might have been written to us by a beautiful woman sitting in the front row of a show we did in Hartford, Connecticut. The part of the fan is played by our violist, the always-entertaining Catherine Matovich.

Jazzing with Jamey

When we arrived in Louisville on tour, I had arranged for some of our musicians to join me at a winery in New Albany, Indiana, where my old college friend Jamey Aebersold was to be playing. Jamey is a genuine NEA jazz master, and his play-along recordings are used by musicians all over the world. I sat in on this tune, and must not have done too well, because Jamey's gig at the winery ended soon after our visit.

A Double Order of You

This is a song that Simon Stokes and I wrote and recorded a few years ago. With some extra time available, I set about making a video which might explain the song and make it more understandable to regular folks.