Taking America To America

The Davi Det Songs

Fluxus Reunion

The lyrics of Fluxus artist Davi Det Hompson (1939–1996) are brought to life by the brilliant soprano Daisy Press backed by Tom Hensley's frankly strange orchestrations, which range from raga to free jazz, for Kurt Weill to 

Jazz Time

The Music of Neil Diamond

Songs you may know, played in ways you may not have heard.

Imagine a 1960s compilation album of jazz versions of songs that hadn't been written yet. Imagine "Kentucky Woman" as an cut on "Birth of the Cool." Imagine Ahmad Jamal playing "Holly Holy." Imagine Bill Doggett playing "Forever in Blue Jeans." It's like that.

Taking America to America

Songs about our tour

Neil Diamond band members spill the beans about life on the road

Palm Springs

Eternal in the Human Hand

Tom Hensley, Alan Lindgren and Larry Brown, present some lively electric music to accompany your travels on Interstate 10 between Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.