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Davi Det Hompson (1939–1996), also known as David E. Thompson, was a Fluxus book artist, concrete poet, creator of mail art, sculptor and painter from Indiana, who lived and worked  in Indianapolis, and later Richmond, Virginia. His chosen professional name was a nom d'art transposition of the letters of his name. 

In 1969 he participated in "Various—Art by Telephone," a vinyl LP compilation by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, which also included sound works by John Baldessari, Dick Higgins, Ed Kienholz, Sol LeWitt, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Serra, Walter de Maria, and William Wegman. In 1970, he was included in the exhibition Ray Johnson: New York Correspondence School at the Whitney Museum in New York. 

Among his more than 30 solo shows was one at the Alexandre Iolas Gallery in Manhattan in 1972. Starting in 1979, he frequently collaborated with the artist Cliff Baldwin. In the summer of 1982, his work "You Should See What I've Been Typing" was on the cover of Art Journal magazine. In 1989, he was artist in residence at Franklin Furnace in TriBeCa, where he curated an exhibition of printed art. He participated in Art ex Libris, an international book art invitational exhibition in 1994 at Artspace Gallery in Richmond. His correspondence with John Bennett was published in 2011. In 2006, Hompson was part of a group show of Virginia artists in Norfolk, Virginia, and in 2015, a 1978 creation, "Telephone Events par Ben," by George Brecht, Ken Friedman, and Hompson was performed as part of a Fluxus festival at le Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Those are some of his credits listed in Wikipedia. I will now add some additional info I know about him: 

A recent Fluxus festival in Los Angeles inexplicably omitted his work completely, which puzzled and annoyed me, since Davi Det was a friend of mine, as well as an undeniably major artist. 

I was lucky enough to be his collaborator in the mid-1960s, and the work from that period is what led to my new CD featuring Daisy Press. Davi Det, who died in 1996, would have been as proud of what Daisy did with his words as I am with her performance of my music. 

I’ll post more about this album in coming days, because I'm pretty proud of it..

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