Four Years Ago in Boston

Wait--it wasn't Boston. It was across the bridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I'm hanging out in a cute little club/art gallery called the Lilypad where the moment captured in this photo occurred. I was uncharacteristically  sitting in with some serious jazzers, most notably a drummer with whom I had played many years before, back in Indiana. Drummer Joe Hunt is now on the faculty of the New England Conservatory, but when I met him he was playing around Bloomington, shortly before heading east to meet up with George Russell, and acquire his own solid jazz credentials by playing in Russell's sextet. Joe is still quite amazing, both his playing and the fact that he appears to be the exact same age as when I first met him. I believe the fine bass player with whom we're jamming is Bob Nieske. (Note the placement of the Exit sign. We really didn't want anyone to leave while we were playing. But don't worry—Joe is set up to double on fire extinguisher.) Just another tour memory.

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