Moving Forward

I should have gotten three or four of those stickers, just to make my other-party friends nervous, but I actually only voted once today.

At the polling place, I noticed a wrapped-up grand piano, and began to experience that feeling again, the one that seized me in a number of European railroad stations last year, but I decided that sitting down and serenading the voting process would be a less than optimum gesture, and if I was doing to be arrested at the polls, I would prefer that if be for hurling a cream pie in Mitch McConnell's face—you know, something that would actually do some good for the country.

Then I wondered: if I DID decide to play the piano while people exercised their constitutional right to vote, inappropriate though that might have been today, what song would I have chosen to play? A song of my boss's? America?  Play Me? It seemed to me that we'd been played enough lately by that character in Washington. Then it then occurred to me that a fine bipartisan choice might be that  lovely tune by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse: "Who Can I Turn To?" 

The moment passed with no further action other than the voting itself, but that was enough. I went home and rewarded myself for performing my civic duty by eating a fine ginger cookie. Hope you all did the same.


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