The French Connection

If you look closely you may be able to pick out Tim, Cathy, Sarah and Tom Hensley at the breakfast table, speaking French. Why this? Why now? Well, therein lies a tale. 

In 2016, Tim’s epic anecdotal biography of Alfred Hitchcock, “Sir Alfred No. 3,” was published by Fantagraphics in a limited signed and numbered edition of 1000. Of course, those all sold out, and are now appearing on collector sites at silly, inflated prices (I saw it on eBay for $499.99). 

But as of the 14th, you’re in luck—at least if you happen to be able to read French—because the French edition of Sir Alfred No. 3 drops that day. The artwork above is from part of the expanded content, an “about the artist” section which is as apocryphal as the Hitchcock content and equally entertaining. For only 14.99 Euros, it appears. In the second panel, Sarah is upset because Tim has expressed his long-concealed desire to do office work. (By the way, in the strip I am the pianist for singer Perry Como. Tim's artistic license has been renewed.)

The publisher is Dargaud, the same French outfit that released the original graphic novel version of “The Death of Stalin,” which later became the funniest movie of last year. 

Here’s a link to the Dargaud page for Sir Alfred:

And here's the same page, roughly translated into English


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