Hensley Farms Video Barn

Always something going on to watch

As you may be aware, Hensley Farms is a different kind of place these days. We’re out of the touring business now, so we won’t be coming to your town eating up the local food or disturbing the peace and quiet in your hotel.

The studio at Hensley Farms has, for a year now, been mainly occupied with spelunking through musical endeavors out of the past. Our archives are full of surprises. Thanks to the poor judgment of entertainment companies, we have a wealth of unreleased treasures. Many of them, sadly, have been unreleased for good reason, so we’re not just dumping them on the slush pile.

It may come as a surprise to some, but I have an A.B. degree in Radio & Television from Indiana University. Usually, when people learn that they want me to come over and fix their aging Samsung receiver, and they are disappointed to learn that I can’t even replace the batteries in their remote.

And much of what I was taught in now in doubt.

I was taught that it was impossible to edit video tape. I’m pretty sure that can now be done. I’ve seen evidence of it.

I was taught that it was essential that I learn all the details of the Communications Act of 1934. Unfortunately, during the Reagan years, a concerted effort at ruining broadcasting succeeded in eliminating such niceties as the Fairness Doctrine, leaving the mess we have today.

I was taught that the only television director who could present live music properly, was Dwight Hemion. I think that one was probably accurate. Some years ago we did a CBS Special, and the director was, uh…Dwight Hemion, and we got to know him well enough to call him by his nickname, Dwighter. I told Dwighter what I had been taught, and he assured me that it was fundamentally accurate.

I also learned a bit about cameras and film and pictures and continuity and other obsolete stuff, which has made me somewhat confident of my skills at adding sight to the sinkhole of sound in my archives, resulting in my spending lots of time converting a lot of unheard tracks into unseen videos.

As a result, visitors to Hensley Farms will now have the ability to drop in to our barn, where we will be showing the fruits and vegetables of our labor, as they ripen.