Who he?

I'm a young, brilliant, up-and-coming piano player in Hollywood. Okay, one ouf of four isn't bad, right?

I spent the last 40+ years touring with the Neil Diamond band, all the way up to January of 2018, when our group abruptly retired from the road for medical reasons. 

Before my touring career, I spent quite a few years recording in the studios around LA, playing for an assortment of records, films and TV shows, some of them memorable, some not so much, some perhaps worthy of blackmail. 

Now I'm staying home, doing a bit of this and that, and you can come to find out about that (and this) here.

I post a bit about whatever I'm doing at the moment, as well as the things that I did to get me to where I am now. If that sounds like it sucks to you, here is an alternative: a page with a kitten playing with a horse:

Why is it called that?

Is it a farm?

In the early 1960s, we bought our first house. It was a brand new, all-electric bungalow on the top of a hill in  Brown County, Indiana. Charmingly, it came with a sign made by the builder, Henry Swain, that said Hensley Hill.

Later on, when we no longer lived on top of a hill, or in Brown County, or even in Indiana, for that matter, we elected to keep the name Hensley Farms, although we were not really farming, either. We did, however, have a few crops from time to time, especially tomatoes, because we like tomatoes.

We visited our first home on a trip to Indiana a few years ago, and took this picture of our first mailbox, which thinks we still live there.