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Intensive Labor Day 

Labor Day 2007, only 12 years ago, we were back home again in Indiana for my brother’s funeral. (Joe was the talented one, who was a legislator and a prosecutor and a judge and an author of dozens of books, whereas I am a wandering minstrel.) 

After the funeral, on our way from Madison (where Joe lived and died), we were Indianapolis to meet up with an old friend, drummer Jack Gilfoy. 

Jack and his first wife Peg were the first married couple we knew, and their happiness encouraged us try out the marital…

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A Swiftian Moment 

On October of 2014, we did a short promotional trip to New York and London, making some TV appearances to promote an upcoming tour set to take place the following year. 

On October 3rd, we flew to London to do a couple of tunes on the Ken Bruce Show for BBC radio, followed a couple of days later by a bit on Graham Norton's Show. The other guests on that show were to be John Cleese and Taylor Swift. 

I settled into my place at my keyboard and soon Ms. Swift arrived at the studio. She walked directly in fron…

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The Musician's Day 

The Musician's Day 

Guest columnist: Erik Satie 

(editor’s note: Yes, THAT Erik Satie. He was not only a pretty fair composer of cute little tunes, he was also an author of wonderfully witty articles—including this one, which seems to be a prescient model of our post-touring era.) 

An artist must organize his life. Here is the exact timetable of my daily activities: 

Get up: 7.18am. 
Be inspired: 10.23 to 11.47 am. 
I take lunch at 12.11pm and leave the table at 12.14am. 
Healthy horse-riding out in my…

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Memories of Old Glory 

I have a lot of July 4th memories from my 40 years of touring with Neil Diamond. There was 1976, when I was still a new guy on the band, when we played for the grand opening of the Aladdin Theater of the Performing Arts in Las Vegas. It was the country’s bicentennial, and on the 4th we gathered on the roof of the Jockey Club, where we were staying, to observe fireworks emanating from Caesar’s Palace up the street. And we gathered in Mr. Diamond’s suite for the wedding of Richard and Tina Bennett. 

A decade…

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Size is or isn't everything 

This photograph shows our audience at a show we did at Glastonbury in 2008. I'm stating that for the record before D. Trump claims it to be the crowd at one of his rallies. These people are lively and happy and don't want to cause anybody any trouble.

We did have some trouble that day, however. There was some kind of an audio mishap between the stage, the sound boards and the BBC, which was carrying it all. It resulted in several minutes of silence from many of us, while the drums continued, creating a nice…

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