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Madness to our Methodists 

Last night we did our little show at the Northridge United Methodist Church’s Jazz Vespers. A lot of friends from now and then showed up, and a wonderful time was shared by all. Since it's been a while since we played in public, and we were making up our setlist as we went along, there was a hint of nervousness among us, but having such a friendy audience did a lot to calm our nerves. 

We felt a lot better due to having Julia Waters and Bill Cinque there to sing when it was needed, and Alan Lindgren and the…

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How we Took Down the Wall 

Yesterday, we did some rehearsing for our performance tonight, and I inexplicably thought back thirty years.

On October 30, 1989, we played at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin, Germany. During our stay in Berlin, a lot of us piled into a bus and went to dinner at the Grand Hotel in East Berlin, as it was called at the time. It was just a few days later that the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. 

Of course, we took pride in being among the last people to be hassled going through Checkpoint Charlie, headed into…

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An actual gig? Yes, it's true! 

Two weeks from tonight, Let's see, that would be...November 10 at 6 p.m., we’ll be doing a kind of a performance, a jazz vespers, at the Northridge United Methodist Church at 9650 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, CA . 

What is a jazz vespers? Beats me, but we’re doing it. We’ll be playing some nice tunes for about an hour, and if you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love to have you drop by. 

When I say “we,” I mean the musicians who are taking part in this: Alan Lindgren—we were the dueling keyboards in the Neil…

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Davi Det Lives 

Here’s a photo of Davi Det at MOMA’s PS1 in downtown New York. It’s not his first appearance at MOMA, but definitely his most recent. 

Davi Det, as my friends mostly know, was a Fluxus artist who died in 1996. Back in the 1960s we collaborated on performance pieces, as well as a bunch of songs which appear on my most recent album, The Davi Det Songs. 

If you’re helplessly curious, look for the album on CDBaby.com

PS1 hosted a talk by his Aqui Magazine (the covers displayed on the wall in the photo)…

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My Gig With Diahann Carroll 

The passing today of Diahann Carroll brought back some memories for me, and I thought I’d share a couple. 

I played for Diahann when she did appearances on the Tonight Show from time to time, back in the Johnny Carson days, and into the Jay Leno era. 

I remember the first one I did—I got a call from a record producer I knew, asking if I was available. I hesitated, because friends had warned me that he tended to be problematic about paying musicians, but I realized that my paycheck would be coming from NBC…

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