D'ville Tom Sez...

Bird lives it up 

I bought a bird feeder last year, and we finally got around to putting it up. Noe it seems to be the talk of the avian community around here. Brunchtime shows daily.


Don't Try This at Home—or anywhere 

I suppose I could complain about political stuff today, but that's too easy. Today I want to complain about a commercial. A car commercial coming from Dodge, which is apparently an automobile company, and it's been all over my TV lately. It features three numbskulls driving different-colored Dodge jalopies at exceedingly high rates of speed through a deserted urban area, while an ominous announcer reads this copy: "If you're one of us, deep down, you already know..."

All I know deep down, is that I'm not…

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I'm Not Going Anywhere 

Since the end of the tour, we've been calling up local friends we haven't seen in a long time, usually because of conflicts with our tour schedule. My mantra now is "I'm not going anywhere," and those magic words frequently pay off.

For example, we had lunch today with our old friends Phil and Melinda Proctor. We brought in tasty sandwiches from Don Adrian's Cemitas Poblanas, and had an old-fashioned chat and chew. Phil brought us a copy of his new book, "Where's My Fortune Cookie?" and I gave him copies…

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Blog Redux 

I'm a blogger again. 

I created the Diamondville site in 1996, added a blog shortly after, and kept at it sporadically until eventually stopped doing it, after passing an excess of verbiage in various pages, ending up on Facebook, which is not the best place for a literary rascal like myself. But now i'm sharing my feeble thoughts on the Hensley Farms page, where I started. I'll post more frequently now that we're not touring, and I'll dredge up some of my greatest hits from the slush pile, too.


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