Taking Americ to America

An album of songs about our tour, written and recorded in the early years of the 21st Century, while we were living it.

Besides the title song, which is a description of us and our jobs, it moves on to explain the word "Touroid," the meaning of the phrase "inky-dinkles," the legendary Pat Hand, the power of Island Love, what kind of girl reads the PBI, the room called Hosty, The King Errisson financial plan, the accountants financial plan, our love of the Catgut Grrlz, our love of the Horndogs, what life is like on the Sky Trolley, the wisdom of the Zen Master of Hang Time, the nature of life post-tour, as well as some songs that weren't on the album, but appear here. Pretty good deal, huh?

Here it is, the video of the recording of the title song from the album of the same name, which has now become the opening song of the show of the same name. Most of our band appears soewhere during this number, and it provides some information about what made me become whatever I became over the last forty years. Got that? Scroll down to learn more. 


This is the only song in Taking America to America that was not written by me. It was written by George M. Cohan, which may come as a surprise to those who associate him with his flag-waving Yankee Doodle oeuvre. This is from a darker place, and seems quite appropriate for these times.