Distant Drums

I never met Neil Peart. Never even heard him play, since we worked different sides of the street. But over the years I’ve lost so many friends who also happened to be excellent drummers that I might have some understanding of how his friends and co-workers feel. 

I’d like to take this moment to remember some of the fine drummers who crossed my path along the way, and send a quick shout out to them, wherever they are: 

•Jack Gilfoy 

•Stan Gage 

•John Von Ohlen 

•Dennis St. John 

•Carlos Vega 

•John Guerin 

•Jeff Porcaro 

ªEarl Palmer 

•Hal Blaine 

•Willis Kirk 

•Killer Ray Appleton 

•Vince Charles 

I hope I haven’t left anyone out who should have been included. I already feel a bit like Spinal Tap.