Another tragic loss for the world: The absolutely supreme Russian composer and pianist Nikolai Kapustin passed away on July 2. You probably aren't familiar with him, but if you enjoy hanging around the intersection of jazz and classical music, you will be incredibly enriched by becoming aware of his work. Let me help:

He's well-represented on YouTube, and I suggest you begin with this, the score and recording of his Eight Concert Etudes, Op. 40.

Even those who know of Kapustin may have never seen him playing his works. Here's a video of him playing his Impromptu, op. 66, no. 2

And here's something I almost never would say: I strongly suggest you read the comments that accompany the pages containing these videos. It will help you understand the reverence he is held in by so many of us humble piano pickers. His work is that important!

Here's one more, from 1964. He's video of him playing with the Oleg Lundstrom Big Band - Toccata Op. 8. Coolest thing I've seen in a very long time.

RIP Nikolai K.

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