Cocktails for Too Many

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday. I made frozen margaritas with mango and pineapple, Sarah made California nachos, and we listened to Linda Ronstadt’s albums, Canciones de mi Padre and Mas Canciones, playing on the Sonos. 

We decided to make this our default celebration for this holiday in the future. 

Thursday, we had to settle down a bit, so we listened to a lot of Maria Schneider’s music. She’s the greatest composer, orchestrator and bandleader around these days. 

We’re enjoying dining at home, but after a while, you’d like to see an occasional new face across the table. 

Somebody from one of my groups suggested a picnic—separate tables in a park somewhere. Maybe, but I foresee difficulties: parking, rest rooms…that’s just not going to happen. 

Instead, I thought I would post a photo from a banquet in 2005, one with a lot of people honoring our old pal Jamey Aebersold in his home town of New Albany, Indiana. I’ve played in Albany and in New Albany. I can’t tell you which one is better, but New Albany is newer. 

This all-star conversation is between David Baker, Pat Harbison, Dickie Washburn, and…why, that’s me! We’re all at table #9, if that’s important to anyone. The thought of nine tables just seems so extravagant now.

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