Take THAT, Ferrari

We made it to the screening of Ford V Ferrari the other night, and I’m happy to report that my minuscule  contributions to the soundtrack music did not ruin the movie at all. Films nowadays are such a free-for-all battle for your attention between dialogue, sound effects and music, and, yes, picture—I’m always rooting for the music, naturally—that I am happy to testify that I heard the cues on which I had contributed a bit, and everything worked together quite well. Oh yes, sometimes all those automotive noises can make you feel like they’re beating on your eardrums with rubber hoses, but that can happen even in a film about butterflies these days. 

Actually, my only complaint with the music is that there were a few cues on which I wished I had been able to play, because it sounded like the Muzoids were having such big fun. 

The trend toward lengthy movies continues, with F V F clocking in at over 2½  hours. The photo here is a simulation of the line for the men’s room afterward. 

Here’s a pull quote, in case their publicist needs one: 

“Ford V Ferrari includes the finest use of Italian expletives since Breaking Away.” 

(Afterward, I did hear an audience member lamenting the lack of subtitles during the scene in which Mr. Ferrari expressed his displeasure about race results. Spoiler alert: oops, too late.

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