Thanks for this

Turkeys for you

There's a lot to be thankful for now, although sometimes it isn't evident. Today, I'm thankful for the years I spent in Indiana. They were the good years, when Wes Montgomery was playing most nights at the Missile Room on Indiana Avenue. The years when I had the chance to play alongside David Baker, Jamey Aebersold, Al Cobine, and an entire traincar full of great musicians and great people. 

One of the first piano player I got to know in those days was Lanny Hartley, who was playing with David Baker's big band. Last year, I reconnected with Lanny, who was now running a jazz vespers program at a church in Reseda, and he invited me to come and play there. I got a few of my accomplices to join me, and it came out a bit like what's at the bottom of this page...