Don't Try This at Home—or anywhere

I suppose I could complain about political stuff today, but that's too easy. Today I want to complain about a commercial. A car commercial coming from Dodge, which is apparently an automobile company, and it's been all over my TV lately. It features three numbskulls driving different-colored Dodge jalopies at exceedingly high rates of speed through a deserted urban area, while an ominous announcer reads this copy: "If you're one of us, deep down, you already know..."

All I know deep down, is that I'm not one of you, and I don't want you driving around my neighborhood. This is as if the Ginsu Knife Company was running commercials depicting people throwing their knives at people.

Dodge isn't the only doing that advertises their product in such an idiotic way, of course. BMW has done it for years, including one classic where someone drove a car through a busy office. That one was a while back—they might want to remake it now showing the driver drinking a beer while sending out a text.

When the BMW ad was running, there were a number of horrible crashes around these parts, many of the involving street racing, that I simply could not refer to as "accidents."

Okay, back to the ball game.


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