The Art of Art

The amazing scene above was created by the legendary Shary Flenniken, whose resume reads like a history of American underground humor. 

As you may have noted in the press, the annual Comicon convention was held the weekend before last in San Diego. I used to attend that shindig, back in the days when it was more about comics and artwork, and not so much about movies, tv, costumes and contracts, as it is today. 

Comicon began as an event celebrating artists, rather than a victory lap for the people who profit from the work of artists, and in those days, many up-and-coming artists attended. One of the joys of being there was the opportunity to meet and chat with them, and sometimes convince them to do some artwork for you in exchange for some money. 

Many of my treasures on the wall come from those days, including the one above, by the legendary Ms. Flenniken, who graced National Lampoon with her Trots and Bonnie strip back in the seventies. 

Obviously, I am unworthy to be portrayed by someone of her stature, but what the hell? I happened to catch her on a nice day in San Diego, and she was clever enough to depict a scene which heretofore had only taken place in my fertile imagination.

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